Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 years of fun, fun, fun...

We have our beloved Lia 2 years today! She arrived very early on a sunday morning - she was so frightened that day... but now she's afraid of nothing, she just lives to have fun, fun, fun. I love coming down to her in the morning or home in the evening as she gets so excited, most of all I love the times I sneak her up on the couch and she cuddles in with me. 


  1. AWww!! She is absolutely adorable!! The wolfie doggies are so cute! I love the last pic.

  2. Ah thanks...she is such a beautiful dog, so elegant - of course I'm just a little biased!! The last pic is this day 2 years ago!! Our first day as a family!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, pets are so good for the soul!!