Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Clean Advertising...

What a brilliant idea..Curb...the natural media company have come up with a system whereby they clean part of the footpath and create advertising by selectively removing dirt, to create a stark contrast between the dirty surface and original as-new colour of the pavement!


  1. For more examples of clean ads with household name brands using our clean advertising please visit:

    p.s we also plant a tree in Ethiopia for every clean advert we place : )

  2. check out http://www.StreetAdvertisingServices.com for More Brilliant Examples of Clean Advertising.
    Companies such as Nike, Puma, ING Bank and Carphone Warehouse have all used Street Advertising to get their brands in front of consumers in an environmentally friendly way!

  3. THis is such a great idea. I looked into it last year when I was looking to an exhibition along exhibition road, London, with graphic designer Vince Frost. I hope to see more urban art appear using this enviro friendly method x