Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My bedroom...

This weekend the paint brushes were out as the gorgeous clouds I had ordered from Bookhou arrived during the week and I couldn't wait to complete my bedroom. I designed the Love poster last minute on friday and got it printed before I headed home. The bedspread is Orla Kiely, the bed, lockers and cabinet are from the Vinstra range in Ikea. The lamps and plain grey throw are from TK Maxx. The paint is Pale Peacock from Dulux. The Magazine rack is the illuzine magazine rack by Umbra.

The Vintage radio was my Granny's and I love having it in my house, reminding me of her, she was the most amazing woman, ahead of her time. 


  1. You've pulled all that together beautifully - the shade of blue is the making of it; it gives it a lovely freshness.

  2. thanks mise, yeah it's a lovely blue/grey - very relaxing!

  3. very oohy and aahy without looking like a big girls blouse...

    i like it...i like the cabinet form IKEA...its very james bondy-ish...

    i'll have a martini thanks...shake it...!!!

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  5. Love the clouds! Looks like such a nice room to sleep and relax in

    (Second attempt at posting. For such a small comment my first attempt had 3 typos! I blame it on the late hour ;) )

  6. gorgeous, the colours are just perfect together , bet you find it hard to get up out of bed of a morning.....loving the clouds too....

  7. Sorry for the late replies I was in London for a few days.. we had so much fun!! Just getting back to normal now... always good to come home to your own bed though... especially when you have just finished the room!

    Richie - that Martini is whizzing it's way state side!

    Rachel - thanks for the dedication!! ha ha! I hate when that happens a hazzard of late blogging alright!!

    Jaboopee - this morning it was particularly hard!!