Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our wedding day...

I have been meaning to photograph our wedding invites for a long time but because they are quite hard to capture I've been putting it off!! I took some shots today. I loved designing our invites - I combined our initials and added two love birds. The photo doesn't do the paper justice - I used SKIN from the Curious Collection. It has the nicest texture and finish. I used a clear vinyl to achieve a glossy finish, the effect was black on black so that you had to tilt the card to catch the light to get the full effect. One of my bridesmaids gave us a gift of two Panton chairs which we used in the church - I hung two little black birds to replicate our invite.

I printed the little stickers on moo and the quality was great. We hung cones from the pews and my flowers were Boris Becker Chrysanthemums which I had remembered seeing and my florist kindly traced for me. I spent months searching for ribbon... I used 3 types - a simple polka dot or stripe on the invites and this amazing silk ribbon from Hyman Hendler in New York. One of our groomsmen ended up collecting it while on a trip there and spent 3 days trying to find the shop!! I'm pretty sure I wrecked his head but it was worth it when it arrived - it was used for the Bridesmaids bouquets and the cake. My stunning bridesmaids wore black fishtail gowns from coast - as one is very, very tall we had to add some length to the dresses and they turned out to be even more stunning.

I used different variations of our initials on the Mass Booklets and thank you cards. As our church was an hour from the our hotel (The Brehon in Kilarney - HIGHLY recommend them) we gave our guests bottles of water and lovely black & white sweets for the journey.

I LOVED my dress - it's by Vera Wang and is now for sale if anyone is interested! My shoes were gorgeous snake skin from a little boutique in the Winthrop Arcade. I ordered this ring holder from Palomas Nest and I have since lent it to friends and I'm keeping a list and hoping to pass it on to many generations. 
I arranged Mentalist Liam Sheehan as a suprise for my husband - he was superb. He arrived dressed like a guest and meandered through the room doing fantastic card tricks and reading peoples minds!

It really was the best time ever, I loved all the planning and would love to be doing it all again!


  1. a VERY stylish affair...that kind of attention to detail really shows..and pays off....
    but i don't think i'd be a good idea to do it all again, you've at least to get to the seven year itch stage...

  2. haha!! I'd only want to do it again if I could go back in time and marry the same man!!!!! skitting!

  3. Beautiful and so original! I love the black and white theme and your flowers are stunning! Thanks for sharing these images, they make for gorgeous inspiration...wish I could do it all again too!

  4. That's a wonderfully stylish wedding! The bridesmaid's dresses are beautiful, and the whole thing looks seamlessly chic.

  5. you can lend a hand over here if you wish...4 months to the very day and i'll be standing at the altar waiting for herself...

    if you send tom an email with a few ideas i'll get back to you...


    ps...you looked great on your wedding day, i liked the simplicity in your wedding invites...

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments! I found out today our photographer has lost his hard drive so most of our photos have been lost - on top of this he was so rude. So shocked - it's not as if you can go back and do it all again - not sure how is running a business without backing up work????

    Anyways it could be worse I suppose - Richy I'm available anytime for wedding planning - I'd seriously would love to do that! Available to be flown to the states at any time - I have my passport ready - ha ha (not sure if you heard of the delays!)

    My top tip for wedding planning is hours upon hours of gazing at www.stylemepretty.com such amazing ideas and photos - I'm sure you've come across it! Oh and be sure to ask your photographer does he back up!