Thursday, April 8, 2010

Light crushes...

Three amazing shades...(one) The Emperors New Lamp by Design Dessert, (two) Bird Light by Hommin, (three) by Alexander Lervik


  1. That bird one is amazing! So gorgeous. You must look up Alex Randall's taxidermied squirrel lamp, weird but I love them!

  2. ha ha...just looked it up - very strange indeed!! but kinda cool if your ok with the taxidermy thing!! I was vegetarian for 16 years and I'm only eating meat for the last year so I'm still a bit weirded out by all that - saying that though I want not one but two cowhide rugs!! So I should be ok with a dead squirrel!! I wonder what Lia would make of it! Have you seen Abigail Ahern's poodle lamp - now before you freak out it's not a stuffed poodle ... it's one of the ceramic kind... very quirky and very cool!

  3. Ha! I totally did imagine a stuffed poodle, A pink one for some reason!