Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dream home...

Oh how I'd love a house like this, and a climate that's clearly divided into seasons!! 

I spotted this house today on busybeingfabulous it's by PS Architects


  1. Cute blog! I just found you via Cup Of Joe, and I loved reading about your adventures in NYC. It made me seriously homesick! I used to live there until I got married last year and we moved to the desert, but your forays around my old stomping grounds made my day. Cheers! xo lily

  2. ah you lucky thing! It's funny I don't long to move to NY now cos I love living near our parents and friends and I defo couldn't put our dog Lia in quarantine!! But I wish that I lived there in the past - what an amazing place to explore!

  3. Ment to say last night thanks for following bigBANG, I'm hoping to get some time to explore your blog today xo