Monday, August 17, 2009

My little Office

Oh I'm so tired now!! I worked all day Sat on the office and was entertaining all day Sunday, work and 2 walks today plus started my sisters wedding invite!! So I'm off to bed now but I wanted to update on the office... It's not finished yet but I'm really pleased with how it has turned out thus far!  

I can laugh now but as I was painting this blackboard wall and thinking to myself how easily the paint went on I stepped off the ladder, caught the corner of the tray full of black paint and flipped it up all over myself, I had shorts on - my 2 legs, arms and back were covered in streaky black paint along with the WHITE door, WHITE floor and the saddle board!! But thank God it only put 2 little dots on my newly laid carpet in the hall! I very nearly cried but there really was no point - I lost an hour cleaning up the mess... I still can't believe I did it - so clumsy as usual!! 


  1. It all looks fab! I'm drooling at all those lovely chairs!

  2. Ah thanks, I was laughing a friend commented the other day that it was like a doctors office with the hard chairs. I found an armchair that I'm going to paint and recover as I want this to be a bit of a second living room so we need some comfort!

  3. wow, the hard work has really paid off, it looks great.

  4. So cool Dee, love the fact you are using the table from home.