Saturday, August 15, 2009

Work in progress..

Well I started my office last night, I was sitting on the couch at around nine when an idea hit me, I worked through til 1:30 and I'd hate to show you the mess that I'm surrounded by now and I'm only half way there but I love how it's looking so it'll be worth it... perhaps I should have painted the surrounding walls first but I was so excited to get started once I thought of it.
For years I have been addicted to magazines used to be mainly fashion, now it's mainly interiors (it was wedding mags for a good 8 months - I ended up with hundreds!). What better way to inspire myself than to pull out fabulous pages and create a wallpaper. I really love the fashion shots interspersed as they are mainly from 2006 mags and the styles have stood the test of time. I had a few great issues of Italian Vogue to pillage too!


  1. looks great, love the mixture of fashion and interiors.

  2. Colourful and inspiring, and some white furniture would show it off beautifully.