Monday, August 10, 2009

Writing Bureau

I'm very excited..I had been eyeing a writing bureau in TK Maxx for the last four weeks priced at a reasonable 267euro but with the ban on shopping prior to NYC I couldn't part with the money, I visited this table pretty much every day and on Saturday I went in with my Mom and there it was reduced to a mere 120!! I couldn't resist! So I sit here now in my element tapping away! I can't find the camera though so I'll have to wait to upload some pics. 
On Saturday after the purchase I rushed home to clear out my dump room which has acted as an in-house shed for 2 years, I set to work clearing space in the garden shed to house all the junk we have stored and spent hours clearing the space, it's still the horrible lemon color that the builder chose and my lovely floor boards which were painted white have gone yellow in parts so I have a bit of work to do to pull my office together but I am very excited as this the last room to be tackled! In search now of some armchairs that I could perhaps spray paint and upholster and a coffee table and my little room will be well on it's way ...oh the plans I have once this room will be finished... I'll have no excuses then!


  1. hope you find the camera soon, dying to see the results

  2. I found it this morning so I'll put up pics tonight!